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Cobblestone driveway apron

Create an unforgettable first impression with cobblestones! Having an apron and optional cobblestone edging combines traditional good looks with timeless low maintenance materials. The subtle shades and natural textures of cobblestones put the finishing touches to your home - adding character, increasing value and creates striking curb appeal. The beauty is much more than skin deep. Cobblestones are tough and durable. With no raking or weeding, our easy-care driveway aprons are hard wearing, oil and stain resistant too. It's more than a driveway entry, it's a landscaping feature and prudent financial investment.

Cobblestone walkways Your home deserves nothing but the best. Most homeowners secretly yearn for years to add cobblestones to their landscape. I'll do 'what it takes' to make it affordable to attain your goals in phases or in one fell swoop. Let's plan your new driveway, paths, patios and plantings. Together, we'll select the textures and colors, incorporating turning spaces, parking areas or blending awkward slopes - to ensure that it functions as well as it looks.

Just like painting, or any other worthwhile undertaking, quality prep is time consuming and tantamount to a successful project. Each installation is unique. Our hardscapes are installed quickly and expertly with minimal disturbance to your household. Most aprons are completed in 24 hours and ready to drive on the next day. You'll be amazed how fast the project goes once the prep is done properly.

The Steps

  1. The original site and local regulations (if any) are evaluated. Dig Safe notified if necessary.
  2. We excavate the area by using hand tools or machinery
  3. The cobblestones are hand selected and sorted according to unique markings, size, depth and width
  4. Cobblestone driveway edging
  5. A solid base is laid by compacting processed base gravel and 2-4" of bluestone dust
  6. A special mortar slurry is made to create a chemical adhesion to the cobblestones
  7. According to the pattern, string lines are drawn and the stones are expertly placed, leveled, and tamped
  8. The apron is covered with bluestone dust, swept, and hosed so water permeates every crevice. This process is vital to achieve a natural 'dry laid' look where no mortar shows
  9. The new apron is thoroughly hosed and will be able to be driven over after 24 hours
  10. The harmless 'bleeding' from the stone dust abates in a few weeks as the stone dust settles and weather
  11. Step back and enjoy!

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