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Thank you for viewing our partial portfolio. If I can't do it, I probably know someone who can and with whom I trust. I look forward to your confidential call or email to earnestly schedule your anticipated hardscape event!

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Cobblestone Apron & Edging: North Eastham, Cape Cod
This is the inaugural event that launched a thousand (not quite yet, but getting there) cobblestone aprons! I'm forever grateful to Pat, a retired educator, who commissioned me for this premier event that looks better with each passing year. Since then, I've held firm as a dedicated mason and haven't looked back! I've admired hardscapes from Scotland to Hawai'i. I trust you'll share my enthusiasm for these timeless mediums and become a treasured client!

Cobblestone Apron & Edging: Saquatucket Harbor, Harwich Port
Jim and Ann are wonderful clients who gave glowing testimonials for many a client. I crafted this apron to Ann's specs and came in at over half other proposals. Just because you live in a most desirable neighborhood, I don't believe in fleecing the flock!

Driveway Renovation: Barnstable, Cape Cod
I work in weather 'not fit for man 'nor beast', and can pour mortar down to 25 degrees. When I installed this attractive apron and edging for this bay view estate that winter, I envisioned hydrangeas to line the drive. Now, the owners are ready to take the final plunge and complete the entry landscape. Hydrangeas and cobblestones. Quintessential Cape Cod. More affordable than you ever thought!

Cobblestone Aprons & Edging: Fleetwood Farms, Sandwich
Fred and Maureen on Marshview Circle are among my all time favorite clients. Fred has created veritable botanical gardens to the delight of neighbors and their hardscapes add a certain panache to the area. They were the first investors of three homes on Marshview Circle to come aboard with aprons and edgings!

I worked with the Cape Cod Conservation Commission and several other agencies guidelines at this ecologically sensitive area on North Shore Road off Ploughed Neck Road. I 'dry laid' this apron and edging on the oceanfront sand dune without mortar and the results are stable and stunning a couple years later.

Bluestone Steps, Brick & Cobblestone Walkways:
Brewster By The Sea Bed & Breakfast, Cape Cod
Byron and Donna are absolutely delightful Innkeepers across from Cape Cod Bay. They're gourmet chefs and host outstanding seminars on a regular basis. They wanted clay brick walkways for their guests and Nana needed an attractive hillside walkway to access her raspberry patch for her signature homemade jam! I placed natural rose colored cobblestones beneath bluestone treads carved into the rise that makes a stunning private entry! In Fall, I look forward to building a 1700s antique stonewall here directly across from Cape Cod's oldest house dated 1660.

Brick Walkway, Driveway and Front Yard Renovation: Yarmouth
When Tony and Kim bought this ranch, it was in real tough shape! They did wonders on the home but the yard was a ragged haggard mess! I recommended Hide A Hose of Cape Cod for an irrigation system at substantial savings over the cost of regular PVC. Look at the results in just a year! Wow!

The home is easily rented and the gravel parking area is a neighborhood delight! It's amazing how short money invested with me can create curb appeal and add practicality or sale ability to any home as my clients attest! Now, they're ready to build fences and I'll craft two cobblestone hydrangea planting beds to surround the home from the front steps.

1. 180' Cobble Edging 2. Cobblestone Apron 3. Flared Premium Clay Brick Walkway 4. Parking Area

Imagine how this effect can upgrade to help rent or sell your property in this challenging real estate market!

Extensive Hardscape Construction: Brewster, Cape Cod
Rick & Donna Morris are the proud owners of RPM Carpets in East Harwich. Seems like wherever I go on Cape, Rick has left his mark in people's homes...including ours. He has several installation crews for his new stunning tile and carpet showroom and 'it ain't his first rodeo' with masonry. He knows dozens of master stone masons and kindly chose me for the cobblestone apron, 370' of cobblestone edgings, a herringbone cobblestone pattern walkway, Sanstead granite steps, and gravel driveway upgrades for his home. Rick performed his due diligence by choosing the right stone mason. I trust you will too!

Complete Driveway Renovation: Cobblestone Apron & Edging Eastham, Cape Cod
This gravel drive was in dire straits last fall when several trees were removed. We repositioned the driveway to create a new parking spot on the left lined with cobblestones. The photo was taken immediately after a torrential downpour. I monitor each of my aprons, but takin' a good rake or blower to the drive wouldn't hurt!

1. Trees removed 2. Driveway expertly graded by Craig, my machinist. A skilled operator makes all the difference from a hack job to a refined event that lasts indefinitely. He owns and maintains his own equipment. Again, proprietary is an innate attribute. All the weedy shabby original sub base materials were removed and machine compacted ABC (crushed concrete) added to create a near stunning skating rink flat surface with a perfect pitch for drainage. Craig then deftly sprinkles the gravel like a confectioner dusting a cake. Notice how smooth the 3/4" bluestone gravel appears. 3. Trenches and apron dug...cobblestones laid!

Homeowner Brian owns the Village Deli on Brackett Road North Eastham. He's a no nonsense New Hampshire Granite Yankee with an eye for carpentry detail and has a knack for making outstanding sandwiches and soups! Pay him a visit on your way to the National Seashore!

Lamb & Lion Bed and Breakfast - West Barnstable, Olde Kings Highway Rte 6A
I approached Alice & Tom over two years ago about any masonry project they might have in mind. They suggested a retaining wall to the right of the Inn. I tortured myself with the thought of building a sterile 'Allen Block Wall' (the concrete walls found at suburban industrial parks). Couldn't bring myself to do it. I adore this 1720 antique property and this winter I found a fellow mason who had rescued antique 1700s fieldstones from being buried by a developer with character worthy of the property. It took nine tons of mixed lichened granite and only 6 full days to build it by myself. They're thrilled with the work and I and want to preserve our pioneering heritage and hope to craft dozens more stonewalls in true Yankee tradition!

Granite Cobblestone Planting Beds:

1700s New England Fieldstone Wall:

When the 'Mongolian Hordes' descend upon your quaint 'Cape home' and you've had your fill...send the ancillaries and their "little dog too" directly to Alice's pet friendly Inn! Bicycle and basket included. Broom extra.

Traditional Grand Style Running Bond Apron: West Barnstable
"Hi Dave, Of course you can put our beautiful apron on your website. We absolutely love it! Didn't think we'd get so excited over a driveway!" - Danielle Chaulk

Danielle is an outstanding Realtor at Kinlin Grover Real Estate and is familiar with hundreds of noteworthy properties with stonework. I delight in clients that visualize 'what works' for their property or for their clients knowing explicitly and implicitly what the desired results are. No wonder she's at the top of her profession! This is my third largest apron which makes a stunning entry for their beautiful woodland home. In Autumn, I'll craft an additional 510' of edging to connect the apron with their Colonial home.

Notice the elevated and exposed 'reveal' to the left of my Historic Masonry sign. To the right of the sign the cobble edging is flat with the apron. I know from experience how people drive and don't want them to damage valuable wheel rims or puncture tires. Also, the stone dust will 'bleed' within a month to fully expose the stunning white marbles, green and black variegated stones placed to compliment the sunflower mailbox.

Apron Renovation: West Barnstable
Jim, a Korean War Veteran, built this apron with a friend several years ago. I was working in the neighborhood when winter turned to summer in typical Cape Cod fashion within two hours in mid June. Jim was sweating...cursing to himself and the weeds that had overtaken his crumbling mortar joints while engrossed in the ongoing dreaded ritual! He commissioned me to rectify the misery and eyesore. In 5 hours, all the mortar and weeds were removed between the cobbles. He's ecstatic with the appearance and results. I only wish I had an evocative shocking decrepit 'before' photo! I applied this polymer which I offer clients as an alternative to traditional bluestone dust that hardens like concrete and has a 'finished' look that lasts for years.

Handicap Access Ramp Construction: Harwich
Penny and her Mom were fed up with the temporary 'fold up ramp' they've used for years off the lakefront back wooden deck. This new front entry can withstand the brand new electric wheelchair in foul weather and looks fantastic. This practical ramp was built by master carpenter Eric Eldredge and I reset the existing brick walkway that far exceeds code requirements to last for many years!

Antique 1870s Cobblestone Apron & Driveway Flagpole Planting Area With Cobblestone Edging: Duxbury
Ed & Jenny are an effervescent young couple with great hardscape aspirations! They're elated with the initial results and we'll work in tandem phases to complete the master hardscape plan. The irregular old granites from Beacon Street in Brookline were just a massive puzzle that takes an experienced talented eye to place and placate the behemoths. I'll update photos when the flagpole bed is planted, finishing touches finished outlining the apron, the cobblestone edging lines both sides of the drive, and when antique stonewalls replace the cedar entry poles!

Note the PVC 'sleeve' I placed for a future electrical connection. I often insert an irrigation sleeve as well for future aspirations.

Upcoming Events:
Cobblestone Aprons & Edgings: Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, Chatham, Pocasset, Provincetown, Wellfleet, Wayland, Greater Boston etc.

1700s Antique Stonewalls: Cape Cod Lavender Farm in Harwich, Duxbury, and West Barnstable

Quality concerns are my strengths and that's why I place virtually every stone for consistency and breathtaking aesthetic results.

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